Very Satisfied With the Work

“The reception has common sense and remains chill af. My fillings seem to work very well Years later. I am very satisfied with the work and services provided!”

-Trever S.

Felt Very Comfortable and Relaxed

“Felt Very Comfortable and Relaxed Very friendly staff. Venessa was very helpful and extremely friendly. They are very professional in the front staff. They seem very acknowledge on how to treat new clients. I felt very comfortable and relax. I never ever expected the services they have provided. I came in to ask to the place of business and just ask what is the best option for my needs. I would rate this place of business 10 stars.“

-Matthew I.

Very Efficient!

“Today, my appointment was absolutely a pleasant experience! Dr. Quon has very friendly and gentle mannerisms. Very efficient! All staff members extended themselves in a very polite and professional manner. All my questions were thoroughly answered on the phone when I made my appointment. As a senior on a fixed budget, receiving such services, softens the "out of pocket" expenses. ............Happy Senior...........”

-Marijka M.

Great Service!

“Great job. Got a new set of teeth. Service was great and they feel and look good. Thanks Craig.”

-Jack W.

Good Attitude!

“She quick at it doing filling and even bite good attitude she knows her work excellent service.”

-Josh S.

Edmonton’s Dental Clinic for Partial Dentures

Bonnie Doon Dental Clinic in Edmonton is proud to provide partial and transitional dentures (or flippers) as a solution to missing teeth and to keep you looking good. If you are looking for a dental clinic that offers partial dentures in Edmonton, book an appointment at Bonnie Doon Dental Clinic without further ado. Our dentists are well-versed in transitional dentures to ensure a beautiful, comfortable, and confident smile. When looking to replace one or more teeth, partial dentures are a great affordable option. Longevity and comfort level of partial dentures can be enhanced by diligently following due procedures while keeping your feedback in the loop.


We do whatever it takes to get you the dentures that are almost as comfortable as your natural teeth and help keep you looking good. Contact our dental clinic today. Dental impressions are made along with an appointment to ensure everyday wear is comfortable.

Transitional Dentures

Also known as flippers, transitional partial dentures offer a great temporary solution to lost teeth. When you are waiting for your permanent partial dentures, a transitional denture can help the area around the lost teeth, for your bone structure and gums to heal better. Flippers can be made available in a few days with minimal dental visits. They are easy to wear and serve as a satisfactory replacement until a permanent replacement for your missing teeth is decided.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Here are a few steps to follow to take good care of your permanent, partial, and transitional dentures:

Stick to a regular maintenance schedule to remove plaque
Clean your flipper tooth every day by using a soft-bristle toothbrush and mild soap
Avoid cleaning it with toothpaste as it can cause damage
Call your dentist if you experience pain or discomfort

A Step Closer Towards Your Dream Smile

Whether you’re looking for crowns, bridges, veneers, or dentures, we can help.

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