Very Satisfied With the Work

“The reception has common sense and remains chill af. My fillings seem to work very well Years later. I am very satisfied with the work and services provided!”

-Trever S.

Felt Very Comfortable and Relaxed

“Felt Very Comfortable and Relaxed Very friendly staff. Venessa was very helpful and extremely friendly. They are very professional in the front staff. They seem very acknowledge on how to treat new clients. I felt very comfortable and relax. I never ever expected the services they have provided. I came in to ask to the place of business and just ask what is the best option for my needs. I would rate this place of business 10 stars.“

-Matthew I.

Very Efficient!

“Today, my appointment was absolutely a pleasant experience! Dr. Quon has very friendly and gentle mannerisms. Very efficient! All staff members extended themselves in a very polite and professional manner. All my questions were thoroughly answered on the phone when I made my appointment. As a senior on a fixed budget, receiving such services, softens the "out of pocket" expenses. ............Happy Senior...........”

-Marijka M.

Great Service!

“Great job. Got a new set of teeth. Service was great and they feel and look good. Thanks Craig.”

-Jack W.

Good Attitude!

“She quick at it doing filling and even bite good attitude she knows her work excellent service.”

-Josh S.

Bonnie Doon Dental Clinic in Edmonton Offers Root Canal Treatment

Did you know that your teeth are meant to last for a lifetime? Earlier, dentists had no option but to pull out diseased or injured teeth. However, advanced dental science today helps us save your tooth in spite of decay. When the soft tissues around your teeth become infected, you’ll notice extreme sensitivity to temperatures while eating or drinking. We offer root canal therapy to help relieve your pain. Get in touch with our Edmonton clinic for root canal treatment.

To learn more about root canal treatment, you need to understand the anatomy of a healthy tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue inside your tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. In case of a chipped or cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or a filling, the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. Root canal treatment is necessary because, without treatment, the pulp infection may spread to the surrounding tissues and cause pain and swelling.

Even if you don’t have severe pain, it’s important to get the right treatment, as the bacteria may damage the bone holding your tooth. The root canal procedure includes the following steps:

 The tooth decay is taken out and an opening is made into the pulp chamber

The pulp is removed and root canals are cleaned and shaped

Root canals and the pulp chamber are filled

 A metal or plastic rod or post may be placed in the root canal to help retain the core (filling) material that supports the restoration

The tooth is then restored with a crown or filling

Restorative Dental Solutions

Is a worn-down or chipped tooth affecting your smile?

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