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Very Satisfied With the Work

“The reception has common sense and remains chill af. My fillings seem to work very well Years later. I am very satisfied with the work and services provided!”

-Trever S.

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Edmonton’s Choice for Family Dentistry Services

Are you looking for a dental clinic in Edmonton that offers family dentistry services? If yes, look no further than Bonnie Doon Dental Clinic. Dental anxieties are quite common and often get intensified when you are under stress. Our team of experienced dentists strives to make sure your dental visit is fun, enjoyable, and informative.

At Bonnie Doon Dental Clinic, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and we can't stress enough the significance of preventative maintenance. From preventing cavities and periodontal diseases to securing clean and whiter teeth, our team is here to ensure a positive experience from day one for you. We can also help with the following for your children:

Space maintainers: Do you want to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth erupt uniformly aligned and aesthetically more pleasing? Now there is a way to do it! Using space maintainers, which are custom-made acrylic or metal materials (either fixed or removable), we’ll make space for the permanent tooth to erupt – just the way they should.

Thumb-sucking prevention: Thumb sucking is a fairly common habit among children, which if not stopped at the right time, will lead to some complications. However, as dentists, we can assist your kid in getting rid of this unhealthy habit.

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Serving You for 30 Years

From check-ups and family dentistry services, to extractions and mouth guards, we provide a range of dental services.

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